jina alhenawi (she/they)

Jina is a visual artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is empathetic and thoughtful in her design and creating process and is interested in how metaphor, symbolism, nuance, and detail can impact design.
They love working with funky shapes and colors, but are also keen on working at the intersection of design and social justice.

Graphic Designer at A—B

BFA in Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design & liberal arts concentration in Social Justice

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museum of immortality

Vampires & Werewolves & Ghosts & Dragons! The Museum of Immortality uses the ampersand as a conjuction to construct the frame logo. Very appropriate for a museum, as they commonly frame artworks, but keeping the center of the frame empty & ominous to keep the mystery and maintain the idea of the unkown being scary.

details ︎︎︎
brand identity design, 2020

open eye mental health campaign

Open Eye Mental Health Campaign is a campaign aimed at educating and raising awareness in the Arab community about mental health, which is very stigmatized.

details ︎︎︎
brand identity design, 2020

color the conversation
at risd

Color the Conversation is a new initiative at
RISD started in 2020 aimed at connecting
BIPOC students with artists and designers in
the professional world using mentorships, masterclasses, and artist talks.

details ︎︎︎
brand identity design, 2020

jello magazine

With 6 weeks to create a Broadsheet magazine,
I was instructed to find a subject to work with that
I can use to demonstrate fluency with typesetting, image relationships, and complex layered elements. After doing some research, I came across many articles, recipes, and even fashion inspired by
Jell-O! While learning a lot about the history of the gelatin dessert, I was challenged to utilize a much larger page that I had worked with before, as well
as finding a way to bring through the movement and enjoyment that comes with Jello. The project was very fun in the end to assemble together and showcase to my peers!

*None of the articles or images belong to me and all credit is given in the publication.*

details ︎︎︎ 
publication design, 2019

if cards

What if we used our imagination more when having conversations about social issues that impact all of us? I was challenged to find a way to combine seriousness and play. I wanted to design bite-sized ‘what if…?’ statements to spark friendly conversation about important political issues in a way that incites using the imagination to think about what the future might look like based on the political decisions we make.

details ︎︎︎
print design, 2019

biorhyme typeface promo

This is a promotion for BioRhyme designed by Aiofe Mooney. I wanted to showcase all of it’s weights, supported languages, and glyphs! I also had some fun with the phrase ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’.

details ︎︎︎
motion graphics, 2019

what we see when we read

This is a coptic-bound book design using Peter Mendelsund’s What We See When We Read. While reading the text, I took note of Mendelsund’s use of voices and asterisks and incorporated that in my design.

details ︎︎︎
publication design, 2019

riso for egypt

These are a collection of riso prints capturing my last visit to my home in Alexandria, Egypt. The grainy texture of the risograph allowed a feeling of nostalgia to come through the images.

details ︎︎︎
print design, 2019