jina alhenawi (she/they)

Jina is a visual artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is empathetic and thoughtful in her design and creating process and is interested in how metaphor, symbolism, nuance, and detail can impact design.
They love working with funky shapes and colors, but are also keen on working at the intersection of design and social justice.

Graphic Designer at A—B

BFA in Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design & liberal arts concentration in Social Justice

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color the conversation @ risd


Event Printed Poster, 18" × 24"
Eventbrite Poster, 2160px × 1080px

Instagram Event Graphic, 1080px × 1080px

Color the Conversation is a new initiative at RISD started in 2020 aimed at connecting BIPOC students with artists and designers in the professional world using mentorships, masterclasses, and artist talks.
I was approached to be the primary brand ambassador for the initiative and to design the logo, colors, newsletters, event posters/social media graphics, and any collateral we might need. I was happy to help create the image for this new chapter at RISD with my colleague to give BIPOC students more opportunities that they may be missing from their classes.
brand identity design, 2020

A look at my process

The mission behind Color the Conversation called for a friendly, approachable, and exciting feel for the logo. Going along with the initiative’s mission, I was exploring making spaces between two parties for an exchange of dialogue. After thinking through speech bubbles, typographic logos, and podiums, we decided to exhaust different kinds of chairs and colors, and two chairs created a leveled space with no hierarchy between the two parties, and the kind of chair dictated the approachability and friendliness of our initiative.